Bobby D (4pm - 7pm)

Bobby D

Immerse yourself in the vibrant beats of Saigon's urban nightlife with the incomparable French-Vietnamese sensation, Bobby D, at the helm of our Songkran Fever Pool Party. A cornerstone of the local music scene, Bobby D's eclectic mix embodies the pulsating energy of Saigonese nights. His journey began in the cultural mosaic of Paris, where his Vietnamese roots intertwined with the dynamic world of hip hop, crafting his distinctive sound palette.

At our poolside extravaganza, prepare to be enthralled by Bobby D's masterful curation of music, where the timeless allure of Old School classics meets the invigorating pulse of Funky Freshness. His set promises not just tunes but an auditory journey that reflects his deep-rooted passion and diverse influences. Join us as Bobby D transforms our pool party into an unforgettable musical odyssey, echoing the soul of two vibrant cities.

Scarry Potter (7pm - 10pm)

Scarry Potter

Scarry Potter's journey is a tapestry of vibrant urban landscapes, spanning from the bustling streets of Saigon to the romantic backdrop of Paris, and stretching out to the dynamic skylines of Beijing and Shanghai. His story is not just about places, but about the seamless blend of cultures that shaped his identity and his career.

Finally, Scarry Potter rekindled his relationship with hip hop four years ago, reigniting a passion that had never truly faded. His allegiance to this genre runs deep; it's a daily ritual, an incessant rhythm that resonates with his very core. Hip hop is not just music to him—it's a relentless heartbeat, a soundtrack that he could immerse himself in continuously, 24 hours a day, without ever tiring. For Scarry Potter, hip hop is eternal, a genre that he pledges to embrace tirelessly, echoing his sentiment that this musical journey is one without end, a perpetual dance with the beats and rhymes that have shaped his life and artistry.